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I don’t like cold, rainy days

I hate the cold. I may as well tell you this now. From October until May, I am cold. Really. Cold actually emanates from me. It’s my own fault. I live in Newfoundland. I think I should have been born in a warmer locale.

Bowring Park

See, this is lovely. Warm, sunny days. Blue skies, picnics and cool trees at Bowring Park.

Early Snow

But this?!? Surely this can’t be happening yet! I’m not ready.


Early Snow

No beaches here, though. This is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Autumn Leaves

I can even learn to love this. It’s pretty. It’s not too cold.

Snowy BBQ

This is the wrongest thing I have seen in a while. And I do know wrongest is not the rightest. But let’s see how sensible you are when this happens to your BBQ!!


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