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D’Arcy Broderick

D’Arcy Broderick is one of Newfoundland’s most talented and beloved musicians. Many of you know D’Arcy personally, or have appreciated his music,  and the contributions he has made to the traditional music scene in Newfoundland. From his days with the very popular The Irish Descendants, to his years as member of the award winning group The Fables and to his current participation with Middle Tickle, D’Arcy has made his mark.

Some of you may have heard that D’Arcy suffered a mild stroke recently. He has since been released from hospital, and is on his way to making a full recovery at home. However, as a full time musician, serious illness means the inability to work, and generate income. As a result, friends and family have organized a benefit concert and auction to assist D’Arcy and his family as he works toward recovery.

The concert will be held Sunday, February 17, at Club One on George Street. An all star line-up, including favourites such as Celtic Connection, The Irish Descendants, Eight Track Favourites, Rex Goudie, Siochana, The Masterless Men and The Fables, plus many, many more are are slated to play. The show will kick off at 3:00 pm and keep rocking until midnight.

Anyone interested in helping D’Arcy and his family, but are unable to attend the concert, you can check out the link below for the Facebook page. Information on donations for D’Arcy is listed there.




3 Responses

  1. D’arcy is one of my all time favorite voices and musicians! I was saddened to hear of his stroke, and happy again to hear of his recovery. I am listening to John O’Dremas as I type this and I’m having a tough time concentrating… mesmerizing.

    Any more news on D’arcy, or any way of contacting him directly would be great!

  2. Note this group no longer exists. Anyone know how he is doing?

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