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The Daily Beagle

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Beagles are simply the most loyal, loving and gentle animal you can imagine. As a beagle owner, it breaks my heart to see beagles living in far less than ideal conditions. How anyone can condemn such a happy, playful creature to a life in a pen is far beyond my capacity of understanding.

Although we did not get out beagle through them, I am a big supporter of what Beagle Paws is doing here in the province. Please visit their site and see what is happening in the world of beagles. These are some tremendously dedicated individuals.


4 Responses

  1. I could not agree more, my wife and I have two of the most loving Beagles in the world. They are the only remaining kids at home and we love them with all our hearts. (we must, they get more of our bed then we do)

  2. I love my beagle! Could’nt agree more.

  3. they are reaaly loyal dogs! my cousin had one and he was a cutie. Central paws is also a great place to adopt a pet. I looked there before purchasing my puppy. We really needed a puppy to grow with our baby girl.

  4. The best dog I ever had was a red beagle. I never ever considered having one, but when this puppy was being brought to human services because it was already in three home at 7 WEEKS OLD I thought, you are coming with me! She was by far the best dog a loud rowdy family could own.She never barked and she loved to sleep in the bed under the covers on my feet!! She was not hyper and when I fostered rabbits, the beagle was in the rabbits litter pan sound asleep the rabbit bit my sweet ladies tail. Then he chased the beagle biting her tail. My beagle did not know either rabbit existed. Much to my sorrow, Lady, ( and she was a lady) died in July 2013 of meningitis.(age 6) I still miss her. lying next to me rubbing her soft ears…She had a great life. I am glad I had her and loved every minute with her. Thought I would share..

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