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Marshmallow Snowballs

This is a quick and easy treat that many Newfoundlanders will recognize. These are so easy to make, and perfect for making with kids.


What you will need:

4 oz cream cheese

2 cups icing sugar

2 tbsp milk

1/2 tsp vanilla

2/3 cup semi sweet chocolate chips, melted

3 cups colored mini marshmallows

3 cups coconut


Combine first five ingredients, beat together until smooth.

Fold in marshmallows, then shape into balls.

Roll in coconut, and enjoy.


Cream Cheese Christmas Cookies

Cream cheese, in my oh so humble opinion, should be given it’s very own food group. I use it in more dishes, from chicken and potatoes to cookies and cakes, it’s tremendously versatile. And unsurpassed in keeping baked goods light and moist.

These cookies are all I can think of today. I made about eight dozen of these last Christmas, and I don’t think they lasted through Christmas Eve. Chickie calls them cheesecake cookies, and is adamant this is the only way to eat cheesecake. Smooth, silky, melt in your mouth deliciousness. I can’t blame her.



What you will need:

1/2 cup butter, softened

1/2 block cream cheese, softened

1/2 cup white sugar

1 small egg yolk (use only half a yolk if your eggs are large or extra large)

1/4 tsp vanilla

1 1/4 cups all purpose flour


Preheat oven to 325. Very lightly grease cookie sheets.

Cream butter, cream cheese and sugar together in on low speed until light and fluffy. Beat vanilla and egg yolk in on medium speed. Stir in flour until well mixed, but do not overbeat as the dough can get a little tough. And no one wants tough cookies.

I use a cookie press to make these, and while it’s not necessary, it gives me the best result, and makes the prettiest cookies. If you have one, dig it out and use it. If you don’t have one, you can still make the cookies, just drop teaspoon measures onto prepared cookie sheets.

Bake for approximately 15 minutes, keeping a close eye so the cookies don’t get too dark. The cookies should still be quite pale when they’re done.

To make these cookies even more special, try making a little indent in the center of the cookie and filling with jam, preserves, chocolate chips, halved cherries, or whatever floats your boat, really. I love blueberry jam with them, and green or red cherry halves look very festive.

Have fun, and enjoy!

Orange Cranberry Bread

This is one of those recipes from childhood that always make me happy this time of year. And since it freezes so well, it actually makes me deliriously happy this time of year.  I love Christmas baking you can do so far in advance. Trust me,  it makes it easier when I’m up to my elbows in cookie dough a couple of days before Christmas. I know, I know, there are plenty of cookies that can be frozen, too, but there’s just something about the smell of cookies in the house that just says Christmas to me.



What you will need:

2 cups sifted flour

1 cup sugar

1.5 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 cup butter, melted

1 egg, beaten

Zest of one medium orange

3/4 cup orange juice

1 cup walnuts or almonds

2 cups cranberries


Preheat oven to 350. Prepare two loaf pans.

In a large mixing bowl, mix flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and baking soda together. In medium bowl, mix melted butter, beaten egg, orange juice and orange zest together.  Gradually add liquid ingredients to dry, making sure to incorporate all ingredients well. Add nuts and cranberries, mix through evenly.

Spoon batter into prepared pans and bake for 60 – 70 minutes.

Who else feels like a Hot Rum Toddy?

Ok, so Christmas is fast approaching, and most of us are in some sort of frenzy. Shopping, cooking, baking, cleaning, wrapping, threatening kiddies with eavesdropping elves, we’re all busy with something. To top it all off for me, we are into our sixth day of snow here, and that’s just wrong enough to call for rum toddies.

This is a recipe that came from some sort of Homemaker’s-type magazine back in the early eighties that my grandmother had. She modified the recipe a little before passing it on, and I fooled with it a little more. The best part is that you can cook up the spice water mix and store in the fridge for the duration of the holidays. Just reheat, on stovetop or microwave, and Presto! instant hot toddies. Just add a splash of rum, a spoon of honey and a slice of lemon to your mug and you are off and running. Although toddies and running don’t really have much in common. As a matter of fact, I think a disclaimer is necessary. Please do not run whilst drinking hot rum toddies. Please do not operate heavy machinery whilst drinking hot rum toddies. Please do not colour your hair whilst drinking hot rum toddies. And please, please, please do not call your ex just to tell him you are such a better place whilst drinking hot rum toddies. You have all been warned.


What you will need:

10 cups water

4 sticks of cinnamon

10 whole cloves

12 whole allspice (substitute powdered if you must)

1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg

 1 lemon, sliced

Combine water, cinnamon, cloves, allspice and nutmeg. Bring to a boil, reduce heat. Add sliced lemon, and let simmer, covered, for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove from heat and strain into storage jug. Discard spices and lemon slices. Refrigerate until ready to use.

To make toddies:

Place 1 to 1.5 ounces rum into each mug. Add 1 tablespoon of honey, and one slice lemon. Top with warmed spiced water. Drink, relax and enjoy!

Here come the Rum Balls!

Nothing says Christmas to me more than rum soaked cream cheese! Just joking, but really, who can resist? Creamy, rich, and only mildly alcoholic.  These are ideal to serve for any occasion, and impress most folks. Or maybe that’s just the rum talking. Either way, they are so worth the little effort they take. And if you really want to impress your friends, co-workers or neighbours, make up a batch of these, fancy them up in some pretty foil cups and you have yourself a present that will be remembered.

Red & Green Christmas Rum Balls

Red & Green Christmas Rum Balls


What you will need:

 1 block cream cheese, softened

1 cup ground almonds

1 1/2  cup icing sugar

1 tsp powdered instant coffee

1/4 cup dark rum

5  squares unsweetened chocolate, melted

COATINGS:  chocolate sprinkles, shredded or toasted coconut, icing sugar, crushed almonds, cocoa powder, fancy colored sugars, or whatever your little heart desires.

Blend cream cheese, ground almonds, coffee, icing sugar and rum together with melted chocolate. Chill in fridge for twenty minutes or so, or until slightly firm. Shape into 1 inch balls.

Choose what you would like to coat the rum balls in, and place coatings on plates in front of you. Roll rumballs around in coatings fairly firmly, making sure you get nice full coverage on each rumball.