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Newfoundland Christmas Music

Ok, so it seems that many of y’all are looking for Newfoundland Christmas music to get you in the mood.  You’ll find lots of links to all your favourite Newfoundland artists and their Christmas wishes below.

I know I’ve been terribly, terribly lazy about music postings – but I promise, watch for the New Year! You’ll all be begging me to stop then! Seriously, though, I have been hit and miss with posting this month, and all I can say is blame it on the season. Everything is so crazy that I just haven’t had much of a chance. Much is planned for the New Year though, including some great photo’s of all your favourite local bands.

On to the music! Here you go:

 You know you should check O’Briens!

Downhome Music 

Tide’s Point Music

Avondale Music

Landwash Distribution

Fred’s Records


 Happy listening!


D’Arcy Broderick

D’Arcy Broderick is one of Newfoundland’s most talented and beloved musicians. Many of you know D’Arcy personally, or have appreciated his music,  and the contributions he has made to the traditional music scene in Newfoundland. From his days with the very popular The Irish Descendants, to his years as member of the award winning group The Fables and to his current participation with Middle Tickle, D’Arcy has made his mark.

Some of you may have heard that D’Arcy suffered a mild stroke recently. He has since been released from hospital, and is on his way to making a full recovery at home. However, as a full time musician, serious illness means the inability to work, and generate income. As a result, friends and family have organized a benefit concert and auction to assist D’Arcy and his family as he works toward recovery.

The concert will be held Sunday, February 17, at Club One on George Street. An all star line-up, including favourites such as Celtic Connection, The Irish Descendants, Eight Track Favourites, Rex Goudie, Siochana, The Masterless Men and The Fables, plus many, many more are are slated to play. The show will kick off at 3:00 pm and keep rocking until midnight.

Anyone interested in helping D’Arcy and his family, but are unable to attend the concert, you can check out the link below for the Facebook page. Information on donations for D’Arcy is listed there.



Is it the weekend already?

I can’t believe it’s the weekend again, but then again, I can’t believe it’s November, either. Next thing you know, that day will be here. And y’all know which one I’m talking about. I’m just going to act like a three year old, and pretend that if I don’t say it, it won’t happen in about five weeks!

So, let’s all go out and forget about it for another night. I know where I’ll be. How about you? You can check these:

  • THE NAVIGATORS are playing O’Reilly’s Pub, Friday and Saturday night.
  • GULLIVERS SPREE are onstage at Erin’s Pub this weekend.
  • Catch MIDDLE TICKLE at Bridie Molloy’s, Friday and Saturday night.
  • HEY! ROSETTA are live at The Majestic  Friday night, 10:30. If you haven’t caught a show yet, what are you waiting for? Not traditional music, but fabulous show by yet another talented local band.
  • ANDY JONES– An Evening With Uncle Val  is onstage at the Arts & Culture Centre Saturday, November 17.

Have fun, enjoy some good music, and get home in one piece!


By the way, don’t forget to check Saturday for the best brownies recipe you will ever make. No if’s, and’s or buts. The best ever – I said so!  Oh, yeah. And there’s caramel swirled through them. Told you, they are the best. Check them out Saturday.

This weekend in music……..

Hey all. If you are in the mood for some music, and your feet are getting itchy for dancing, then here’s what you can do:

  • THE NAVIGATORS are playing George Street Beer Market this weekend. Join Fred, Arthur & the boys for some of the best traditional Irish music in the province.
  • THE MASTERLESS MEN are at the Arts & Culture Centre. Always a great show.
  • GREELEY’S REEL onstage at O’Reilly’s Irish Pub Friday and Saturday evening.
  • THE INSIDERS are live at Club One, if you’re looking for something different.

Have fun!

Shanneyganock Rocks!

Congratulations to Shanneyganock on their recent four awards at the annual Music Industry Association for their latest CD, Fling out the Flag. The boys walked away with

  • Album of the Year
  • Entertainer of the Year
  • Folk/Roots Group of the Year
  • Group of the Year

 Awesome band, very well deserved.

And don’t forget – their Christmas show is going ahead at the Delta, December 27th. Last year’s show rocked – and The Navigators were fabulous as the opening act. I’m sure tickets will be moving fast.

The Newfoundland Songbook

Don’t forget to check out The Newfoundland Songbook, this weekend, November 2 – 3, at the LSPU Hall, 3 Victoria Street.

The Newfoundland Songbook will be a two night event. Volume I, Friday night, will explore songs and music of our ancestors, Irish, English, Scots and French.  Volume II, Saturday night, will look at songs of “New-founde-land”, looking at the often hard and cruel lives our ancestors faced.

The All-Star cast for this event features well-known Newfoundland performers Anita Best and Pamela Morgan, with Kelly Russell, Billy Sutton, George Morgan, Graham Wells and Sandy Morris.

New CD by The Fables!

Ok, so if you haven’t bought it yet, and are in the mood to expand your trad collection, you should really check out The Fables new CD. . You can listen to a couple of the new tracks here.

And if that’s not enough, you can also check this cool video here.

Happy listening!!