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What’s new in The Kitchen

OK – first of all, I have to say that I can’t believe it’s actually December already. I’m sure it was only a couple of weeks ago I was getting ready for Christmas last year. Seriously, can anyone tell me what the heck happened to the last year?

Anyhoo, since this wondrous time is upon us again, I thought I would spend a little time and get some more Christmas recipes ready and up.  I’ll have four to five new recipes a week up until Christmas, then you’re on your own til after Christmas!

And that brings me to the plans for this site for the new year. I’ve been kind of lax this past few months posting on The Newfoundland Kitchen, and mainly it’s just been me kind of dithering back and forth on what I want this site to be.  I love recipe blogs, but I knew I didn’t want the Kitchen to be just recipes.  I didn’t have access to a decent camera for most of this year, and that kind of foiled my plans a little. But Christmas is coming, and with that shall be my lovely, beautiful, shiny and sparkly new camera.

So 2009 will bring  photo spreads for all the recipes posted here, and new photos for some of the old recipes. D’you think I should do more of a step by step approach to the recipe photos, or will a photo of the completed dish be enough?

The New Year is also going to bring life to the Local Music section. You know, the one I talk about all the time, but haven’t yet done much with? Yeah, that one. The new year will bring a more complete section, with as many photos of your favourite bands as you can handle. 

After all, people, what’s a Newfoundland Kitchen without food and music?


The Four Corners

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